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Born in Denmark

OMHU is the product of a more than 30-year old friendship. We, Jonas and Frederik, have always been interested in furniture and interior design, which is why we, a few years ago, took the first steps, quit our 9 to 5-jobs and threw ourselves into the dream. It started with an old van and a lot of flea markets, but quickly developed into our small Instagram-based vintage shop, ‘Kram & Klenodier’, which came to life in 2018 (

During the spring of 2022, the idea for the TEDDY sofa was born, based on our experiences and impressions from various vintage furniture, we have had the pleasure to trade through ‘Kram & Klenodier’. Today, OMHU therefore embraces both TEDDY and Kram & Klenodier – and there is more in the making…

What’s up with the brand name?!
“Omhu” is an old Danish word which translates to acting attentively, conscientiously and with care – OMHU is who we are, what we do and how we do it!

The TEDDY sofa

Back to Basics
With TEDDY, we want to take the sofa bed back to its basic characteristics – a solution that functions well, both as a sofa and as a bed. Therefore, we eliminated the usual intermediates and compromises and ended up with a sofa bed that is both pleasant and comfortable to sit in and sleep on. Just try for yourself!

Design + Function
For us, it is paramount that TEDDY does everything right. There is great synergy between the good design and the functionality, and we are proud of all features, both as sofa and bed.

Gentle Giant
With his 2×1 meters, TEDDY is not a giant within his species. But once you sit or lie down, he feels big and embracing, with his two round, angled cushions and his really soft fabric. To that, you can safely trust that the metal bars hold everything well together. TEDDY inspires calmness and tends to make eyelids really heavy.