With the essence of TEDDY at its core, CORNER offers the same simplicity and classic comfort without the need for legs or complex mechanisms.

Crafted with precision, CORNER consists of four premium mattresses and three angled cushions, along with one straight cushion that allows for easy rearrangement to suit your space. The mattresses, made from high-grade cold foam, strike the ideal balance between firm support and plush comfort, whether you're sitting or sleeping. The cushions are filled with shredded foam encased in an inner fabric sleeve, allowing for easy removal of the outer fabric without disturbing the foam.

Wrapped in luxurious corduroy fabric renowned for its quality and durability, CORNER not only exudes style but also offers practicality. Its chrome-plated iron bars ensure stability while maintaining flexibility for your comfort needs.

For those who crave customization, CORNER delivers. Change the color with ease by purchasing a new cover set and let your imagination run wild with bold choices. Enhance your CORNER experience by adding extra cushions for a personalized touch, perhaps opting for a contrasting color to make a statement.

But that's not all – CORNER is designed with sustainability in mind. As part of the TEDDY family, it embodies longevity. Instead of buying a new sofa, simply refresh CORNER's look with a new cover or reconfigure its shape. With CORNER, sustainability meets style, providing you with the perfect blend of comfort and practicality for years to come.

Product information and dimensions
  • All parts of Corner Closed are Oeko-Tex.
  • Size: Width: 300 cm, Depth: 100/200 cm. Height: 70 cm, Seat Height: 34 cm.
  • Size, unfolded: 200×800 cm, height 53 cm, seat height 17 cm
  • Fabric: 100% polyester (35,000 Martindale).
  • Mattresses and cushions: Cold foam and granulate.
  • Seat depth: 65 cm.
  • Seating area, Long side: 165 cm, Short side: 60 cm.
  • Foam density: T30
  • Foam elasticity: ILD 45
  • Package sizes and weight: Corner Closed consists of 4 boxes in 202 x 105 x 20 (15 kg each), 2 box of cushions 150 x 110 x 34 cm (16 kg) and one square box 119 x 73/62/93 cm (7 kg). All parts are reasonably easy to carry and move around, and can usually be handled by just one person.
Washing instructions

You can easily zip off the fabric on both cushions and mattresses. This makes it possible to wash the fabric at a low temperature. It is recommended to wash at a maximum of 30° and with mild/extra gentle soap. We recommend turning the fabric inside out when washing.

CORNER CLOSEDs different setups